STUDIO CHOOM is the most unique K-pop dance specialized channel in the world.

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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM


STUDIO CHOOMはK-Popダンスに特化されているユニークなチャンネルです。

あなたのお好きなアーティストの出演をお待ちしてください !

Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM

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  1. ᅳᅳ

    에스엠은 보석함 열어서 샤이니 좀 더 줘라. 주기적으로 군기잡으러 컴백시켜라

  2. Ai Nurii

    I miss you ❤️

  3. Eunji KIM


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  7. Shinta Fwp

    Ayo buddy jangan cape buat str3am

  8. Mi Ya미야

    0:13 갬성 파괸데 볼때마다 이거 처음 안무짤때 얼마나 웃었을까 생각하게된닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ막 기어가다가 걸려서 넘어지고 댄서들이랑 투닥투닥 뒹굴뒹굴 재밌었겠닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. Shofi Aulia Ummah

    Who's come here after the chaos chapter trailer

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  11. Patobebélovesbts&txt

    *400k like5 soon* 👀.

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  14. desirie abrera


  15. desirie abrera


  16. Patobebélovesbts&txt

    *Los pioneros de BE ORIGINAL en Studio Choom ☆~ ÛvÛ ~☆.*

  17. Stay With Hyunjin Don't Let Han Eat Him

    Appreciate and love them all. Stray Kids will always be EIGHT. ❤

  18. Sharifah Amira

    What always / most caught me every times is; 1:29 Chaeryeong and Yuna stroke their hair back become as it is part of the choreo though~ 😄 And straight away after that Yeji cool part with that killer move gosh!! 😍 1:58 Lia rolling her head→her hair never not captivated me! 2:24 Ryujin do you need to be so hard though?? You so dashing every billion times! 💘 ITZY JANGG 👍🏻

  19. marle ovelar

    Moa tambien reproduzcamosel CONCEPT TRAILER, hagamos que en menos de 24hrs llegue al millon Yo se que podemos y no se olviden de tomar agua

  20. nur zaliqha

    Sana deserves the attention.

  21. Evane Betemps

    love it

  22. Stay With Hyunjin Don't Let Han Eat Him

    Can we make this to 10M?

  23. 김선우일반인여자친구

    아.. 제 가슴속에 김선우가 한명 더 생기려합니다

  24. Sunhye Kang


  25. Lia

    Ya me sé los pasos, solo falta que me salgan

  26. ちわましゅ


  27. Patobebélovesbts&txt

    *Estamos oficialmente casados si eres MOA y le sigues haciendo str3am a esta obra de arte ahre.*

  28. 크림빈아이수

    7.448.564 ^o^

  29. Htoi Pan

    Keep Doing The Best ENGENES

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  31. Htoi Pan

    Road to 4M guys

  32. zainabs jassem

    I missed them 😢❤

  33. Faye -_-


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  35. pancake !¡

    She's really incredible...

  36. Chimmy :3

    The concept trailer omg I love it I can't stop watching it!!

  37. mixtape_5.mp3

    7:32 ~ 8:18 HanHyunBin impromptu skit

  38. jisoo hehehe


  39. Sophia Kim Let’s play

    guys, she legit only had ONE year for dance training specifically and the other girls had way more time. Consider the hard choreography these girls get, Lia is pretty impressive. One year is only enough to learn the “basics” yet SHES doing hard level choreography. Please appreciate her for being her!

  40. taekook star


  41. jisoo hehehe


  42. jisoo hehehe

    Bu kadın gay olma sebebim

  43. jisoo hehehe

    Çok iyi ya

  44. 나

    ㄹㅇ 마며들었다.. 마며들고 나니까 문제는 노래나 가사가 아니라 제목이었음을... 제목빼고 다 좋음

  45. Dawny


    1. Abhi

      It's actually 8,587,534 million fyi

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  47. Jules Anioay

    Ang ganda putangina!

  48. k f

    TXT's THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE concept trailer is out NOW! Check it out!

  49. pq comigo?

    ITZY: EU SÓ QUERO SER QUEM EU SOU *isso me tocou*

  50. thay Silva

    that's why Sana is my bias, she caught my eyes 💗

  51. adriana

    mi profesora esta hablando de altura noooo

  52. iced mocha

    I hope Twice will come to studio choom for Taste of Love too

  53. Vianney Rubi


  54. Tamara Rioja

    Amazing Kai: You did the most awesome debut!!

  55. Gift Wrapped Horse

    Wonho would have killed this dance, holy hell

  56. jicela sierra

    Alguien más noto que al activarse los subtítulos sale alguien enviando un mensaje subliminal de alguien pidiendo ayuda que más o menos dice " a mi mientras en China de echo yo mi lucha nadie los mismo católicos si un chico no alguien más la mano más me come de cantería a más mejor yo mismo histórico yo dice que no" 🤔la verdad me asustó mucho este mensaje si quieren activenle los subtítulos en español y anoten lo que dice además de aplausos y música y verán que es cierto 😶😐

  57. Layla Riiu

    wooyoung on stage: 🚬💣💊😠💣👿 wooyoung in real life:✨♥💋🎀✨💕

  58. Amanda Kim

    Yeonjun smile is my everything i love him so much

  59. hakudoshi sawada

    sihyeon's 1st part is so addicting to me 🥺🤧💓

  60. iovewhalien

    txt comeback on may 31st with the chaos chapter: freeze! go check out their concept trailer, out now on hybe's youtube channel!

  61. 이지연

    이영상그만보는법 좀 알려주세요

  62. Sucker Love

    okay i'm so new here but WHAT IS THAT I.M GUY DOING I'M DEAD

  63. Sana최산스타이

    I think we're slow, we should go faster, fighting

  64. Maria Durrani

    97% comments on Sana ( *yeah I know she is very beautiful* )💘 0.02% comments on other members ( * of course other members are also beautiful *)...💖 & 0.01% comments on Jeongyeong (* she is not here (╥﹏╥)...*💔 & I love these members of Twice:💜 1. Momo💛 2. Nayeon💚 3. Tzuyu❤️ 4. Sana💙 5. Mina🧡

  65. Moa Baby


  66. Лия Ярулина

    И Бо лучший

  67. fami

    I love TXT and all but these outfits aren’t it

  68. ᄉᄎᄋ

    왕 근데 백댄서분들 머리 돌리는데도 모자 꽉 잡힌 거 개 신기하네

  69. Tamara Rioja

    Amazing Kai: You did the most awesome debut!!

  70. Aru R

    Holy fuck the stage presence that Hyunjin has I- I died

  71. maruchan depollo

    this is a tutorial about how falling in love in less to 3 minutes

  72. LT Star


  73. aspirant n

    i come here atleast once a week

  74. M Q


  75. Keisha Marie

    Ryujin is the definition of a chefs kiss

  76. Shikha

    Heeseung,love his moves

  77. Mayra

    Do nada tocando "Oh na na na"

  78. Bella Clark

    She's just so powerful !!!